Travel with family

Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Sarracini family and we’ve been sharing our love of travel with our customers since 1967. It means that we know every narrow, little cobblestone road in Sintra; the corner bakery with the best pain au chocolate in Antibes; and the best place to sip a Limoncello while the sun sets over Siena. Every journey we design for our customers taps into this intimate knowledge, tailoring experiences to individual tastes and wish lists.

Omega Tours is a family-owned and -run business. With our personalized attention, we welcome every new customer like a new friend of the family. We’ve built long-term relationships with suppliers which makes travelling with us is the way travel should be: carefree and effortless. We’ve been trusted by customers around the world to provide service they can rely on; that makes travel dreams come true in the most practical, value-added way possible.

Consider us the perfect juncture of where professionalism meets good old fashioned family values.

Travel with us. Travel with family.