Why Choose Omega Tours?

We’ve been trusted by customers around the world since 2005 to provide service they can rely on; that makes travel dreams come true in the most value-added way possible.

Our intimate knowledge, combined with the reliability of our service, has made unforgettable experiences possible without the effort. Enjoy our locally-sourced, premium experiences and discover how our family can add value to your journey.

Travel with us, travel with family! 

Private Group Travel

The team at Omega Tours are experts in creating private, group travel experiences. If you would like to vacation with friends, family or your own private bubble, we can easily build an itinerary around your budget, interests, dates, and any special requests.

Create your own personal itinerary

Choose your own travel companions

Travel your way, on your own terms

Curated Travel

We are the experts in custom travel, whether it be fully private or a small group. We’ll provide you with the best travel options due to our personal and direct relationship with our local partners.

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