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    Rome Tour on 4 wheels for kids

    With private guide and van with driver to maximize time and see more - the kids won't get tired, especially in the summer heat! No matter your children's ages or interests, our half day Rome Tour for Kids is a Roman treat for every child. Whether through history, art, legends, or food, Rome manages to make kids instantly feel part of its daily life


    Every day | morning or afternoon


    Tour Fee
    Private 4-hour tour
    $850 up to 2 people
    $895 up to 6 people

    Includes an English-speaking guide, van, and driver.

    Entrance Fees (not included in Tour Fee)
    Colosseum $37/pp
    Bone Church $15/pp
    One catacomb $15/pp

    We purchase tickets with skip-the-line reservations both at the Vatican and Colosseum and headsets are recommended for groups of 6 or over, especially during the summer months when the city is particularly busy, these are $10/pp.

    Special Rome tour for kids and children


    From the Bocca della Verita', the ancient lie-detector machine, to Rome's famous "keyhole", where you squint, look through it and discover a.... surprise! Then on to the Colosseum, the prototype of all modern football stadiums where gladiators fought for their freeedom, on to the Roman Forum, the main square of ancient Rome, where children can listen to inspiring tales of the famous Romans.

    The tour will continue to the Catacombs. For mysterious reasons, unknown to most adults, the underground holds a particular allure for children.

    As an alternative to the Catacombs, we offer a visit to the bone church, another unusual experience, to see this macabre yet interesting place, where they used human bones all over to create the decorations.

    The greeting comes from the skeletons: "What you are now, we used to be; what we are now, you will be".

    To this tour you can also include, for an extra charge, the underground visit of the Colosseum, where lions were kept - kids love to see it!

    Duration: half day - tailor-made
    Transportation required: limo or minivan