Pizza Making

'Young Pizza Maker' is a chance for your children to experience making real Italian pizza in Rome. Pizza differs from around Italy, but we think ours is the best with its crispy base


every day


Tour Fee
Private tour
$630 for up to 4 people

Includes pizza class, pizza dinner and an English-speaking guide/translator.

pizza making lesson


This pizza making lesson is an alternative to taking lunch or dinner as well as being an exciting activity for kids.

The kids will learn how to prepare the pizza dough, roll it and shape it and sprinkle it with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese and all the ingredients they wish. They will finally bake it in a typical wood oven - they will really have their hands on it! - and eat their creation fresh from the oven.

You will see your kids all covered in white flour, stained and sweaty...but truly happy!